COR1 Athletics

Mission Statement


Committed to improving the athleticism of youth in the community by providing a safe, interactive and fun, skill based experience.

COR1 Football Skills and Sports Performance Camps aim to help young athletes gain the necessary training to be successful mentally and physically in their sport, and help them develop leadership and sportsmanship.  COR1 camps strives to bring professional, diverse and experienced coaches to communities with limited access to these types of camps, to give them the most exposure to collegiate opportunities.

Football Camp Objectives


Provide young athletes with affordable and expert instruction in the development of football skills and knowledge of the game.

Provide a foundation and progression for athletes to continue football skills, speed, agility and power work on their own.

Sports Performance Camp Objective


Provide young athletes with affordable and expert instruction in the development of speed, agility, power and overall athleticism.

Allow athletes to learn about all facets of training, including proper strength training and Olympic lifting technique, mobility, flexibility, nutrition and recovery.



Camps in the Lower 48 run anywhere from $349-$749 for these types of opportunities.  We want the kids of Southeast Alaska to have the same opportunities without spending that amount of money.  

Giving Back


A big portion of the proceeds from these camps will go back to the youth athletic programs in Juneau.  We want to help the community keep growing the youth sports programs and giving the kids amazing opportunities and experiences.  As someone who grew up in Juneau and was heavily involved in the sports communities, I appreciate every opportunity I was blessed with there and want to give back to the community I still call "home".  We hope you can either join us for camp or donate so the kids can have an incredible experience.

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Want to talk to someone local?

Jody Levernier, teacher at DZ, is our Administrative Director and local contact in Juneau!

Jody Levernier

(907) 957-1926